“Domenico Fraccaroli”, thanks to the spirit of enterprise of Tiziano Fraccaroli and his sons, in 2010 takes back Vialone Nano rice and rice growing to Friuli Venezia Giulia, after more than half century from the closure of the last paddy field in Friuli.

Rice is a cereal grain just like corn and wheat, but unlike these it has less fat and about half of the world’s human population eats it.
Below the nutritional values for 100gr of product:
  • Calories: 347 kcal/ 1545 kj
Proteins: 8 gr

  • Carbohydrates: 78 gr

  • Fat: 0,8 gr

Rice, depending on the kernel characteristics (small or big, round or long), can be classified in four majour categories: common rice, fine, semi-fine and superfine.
Depending on the processing technique it is classified as classic, semi-finished and whole rice. White rice (classic) goes through several processes in order to remove all the external layers of the kernel, while in the whole rice processing only the outermost layer is removed. This affects the nutritive values, as minerals and vitamins quality, and the cooking time.
Whole rice is higher in fibers and proteins than white rice and the vitamins in it do not get lost during the cooking, but it takes longer to cook as it needs about 45-50 minutes. 
The reason why some kind of rice go through the “classic” process is that, through the removal of the layers, the rice gets a nice white colour, good for sales but compromising nutrients and cooking firmness.

For these reasons “Domenico Fraccaroli” decided to make a semifinished rice, which contains more vitamins and minerals compared to the classic white rice. 
“Domenico Fraccaroli Vialone Nano” is a semi-fine rice, with round and thick kernels. The cooking time is a little bit longer than common rice (13-15 mins).
This rice variety is perfect for risotto and also for appetizers and rice salads.