Cooking courses

Wine represents, since milleniums, an element to perfect man’s knowledge in order to improve his own existence. That is the reason that led us to pair the food with the wine, trying with simplicity to put into contact the other cultures to the Italian cuisine through our cooking courses.
 The 18th Century villa, still home to the owners family, located in the Valpolicella area in Verona and about 40 mins far from Venice, houses a professional kitchen, equipped with nine full workspaces where our guests can take a stab at cooking, guided by Italian chefs, in order to learn and understand how to prepare Italian traditional dishes. 
Our guests will also experience a guided tour of the winery and the villa, with its typical Italian Renaissance garden, and will have dinner together in the beautiful scenery of the villa with the food prepared during the cooking class.
The maximum number of participants at the cooking course is limited at 24 persons, in order to make it easier for the chef and the co-chef to assist and interact with the guests during the class and to make it a more familiar experience, eating and tasting our wines.
The cooking class and tour can be organized also during the weekend, in order to give the participants the chance to visit Venice, Garda’s lake, and to enjoy the Opera Festival at the Arena di Verona.